My Story

Gustav Fischer

Botanical & mycological Artist


Australian artist Gustav Fischer demonstrates what is possible when you have a unique blend of inquisitiveness and intrinsic ability.  Gustav meticulously captures the mystery of his subject through his abstract macro photography.  An amateur mycologist and collector of rare plants. Gustav’s passions stems from childhood. Whilst growing up in Central Victoria, Gustav bought a plant from a school fair. He placed this plant on a windowsill and soon became fascinated by the movement, balance, and its unique ability to transform.  It sparked his appreciation for evolution and an understanding of nature’s symbiotic relationship. His images capture a moment of purity and honesty demonstrating the intricate balance of nature.


“My curiosity to learn about the kingdom of fungi has gained me an even deeper understanding and connection to the natural world and it’s symbiotic relationships. All this sparked great passion to search for these amazing and mysterious organisms and capture and record their beauty. This naturally led to taking spore prints for identification purposes.

Creating art with the spore prints has connected with me on a spiritual level. Capturing the natural phenomenon of spore dispersal, then diving even deeper into the magic and mystery as they reveal themselves within the ‘Mycology of Mirrors’ digital spore prints.

I have felt a presence and energy guiding and teaching me with these works, like the spirit of the mushrooms is flowing through me and they are revealing themselves in even more magical depictions.

My intention is to bring awareness, admiration and education into the world of Mycology, by capturing and preserving the natural beauty of this amazing organism through art.