{~The High Priestess~}
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{~The High Priestess~}

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'The High Priestess'

The High Priestess embodies intuition, wisdom, and the guardian of concealed truths. Striking a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine energies, she flourishes in uninterrupted solitude. Her feminine strength stems from introspection, fostering creativity and improved communication after moments of decompression. Linked to the moon and water signs, she channels the depth of emotions and symbolises the essence of birth. As a conduit to hidden knowledge, the High Priestess unveils truths through prayerful intent, drawing guidance from the Divine and ancestral wisdom, holding the keys to the mystical Book of Secrets.

"My creative process for these digital spore prints is devoid of preconceived images or colours. Using the original mushroom spore prints, I embrace spontaneity, letting the visuals unfold naturally. Naming emerges only after completion. This particular piece, born from the afterglow of a profound mushroom journey, earned its name, "High Priestess." The serendipity struck when I researched the name, evoking awe. Despite my unfamiliarity with tarot cards, the symbiosis with the High Priestess archetype, especially in the context of a mushroom spore print, is deeply resonant" Gustav Fischer

Crafted with Amanita muscaria, Leucopaxillus sp mushrooms and Pteridium esculentum (Austral bracken) beneath, it embodies a unique and spiritual connection.

Signed print with a Certificate of Authenticity. More printing option available on request.

Prints available framed on request

Prints are made to order. please allow 2 - 5 business days before prints are shipped